The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to have a huge impact on everyone and our daily life.  This is certainly a uniquely challenging time for the Club.  It is sobering to reflect that this is the first time the Northern Arts Club has closed throughout its 113 year history.

Although members cannot meet, we can still continue to draw, paint and explore our creativity.  We can respond to the current situation by sharing our work and in the process hope that it spreads some cheer. 

Art Challenge 4 - "New Growth" - 1st Place - Mary Crighton

Saturday morning life drawing class - from 5 minute sketch, 1 hour and 3 hour finished drawings

Art Challenge N0.3 - "Shell Lido Venice" - 1st Place Jacqueline Spear

Art Challenge No. 2 - "Venice Carnival Mask" - 1st Place Beverley Stewart

Artist - Ian Smart



Art Challenge No. 1 - "Labour of Love" - 1st Place I.Munro; 2nd J.Spear; 3rd S.Allan