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The Artist at Garage 10 - Gerrard Stott

One of our members, Gerry Stott was invited to take part in a short film about his work as an artist. Take 20 minutes of your time to enjoy this brief artistic journey with Gerry.

If you would like to follow up with Gerry on any aspect of the film, please contact him directly on

The film was released on Youtube on 30th Aug 2022, link below. . .

This film by Maxim Nekliudov was produced for the Granite Town Film Project.

The film is one in a series of sensitive observational portraits of people living in the Northeast of Scotland which examines the loves and obsessions to which they give their time.

The Granite Town Film Project is developing a reputation for presenting revealing and inspiring documentaries, with characters that are engaged in the purpose of the films and who are comfortable sharing their feelings and other aspects of their lives within the context of the subject.

This film takes us on a short journey with Gerard Stott, an Aberdeen based Painter a.k.a. “The Artist at Garage 10”.

We visit some local haunts and spend time with the artist at his Garage10 Studio, where he shares thoughts on painting and discusses some of his influences, his interests and some of the tools and techniques that he favours.

We see him create a new canvas to fit a frame and progress on to paint and frame a still life picture of apples.

Maxim is currently working on a sequel to the film: “Ode to the Beekeepers”, an observation of Beekeeping in rural Scotland, featuring the Beekeepers and their personalities, and the cares and concerns that they have in sustaining their interest within the cultural life of the area.

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