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Art Challenge 11 - "Self Portrait"

Our final art challenge for the lockdown period included some self reflection with the classic challenge of a self portrait.

So, here is the final set of artworks in Art Challenge number 11 - "Self Portrait". It was decided that all of these were very accomplished works - so everyone is a winner!

Well done to all who took part in the on-going Northern Art Club member artwork challenges during lockdown. It was a delight to share everyone's fantastic works over the last few months. We hope you all enjoyed them too.

Image 1 - Neil

Image 2 - Jennifer Jane

Image 3 - Matt

Image 4 - Peng Hay

Image 5 - Joan

Image 6 - Jacqueline Spear

Image 7 - Beverley

Image 8 - Ian M

Image 9 - Royan

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